Dated Released : 6 September 2011
Quality : DVDRip.XviD-playXD
Info : imdb.com/title/tt1814614/
IMDB Rating : 8.0
Star : Lucy Hale, Missi Pyle, Megan Park
Genre : Comedy | Family | Romance
Sinopsis :
Cyrano De Bergerac meets Cinderella. Over-worked, harried and terrified of being put back in foster care, 17 year old Katie (Lucy Hale) does her stepmother and step-siblings’ bidding without complaining. Vocally gifted, Katie feels particularly upset when forced to lay down singing tracks so that her untalented stepsister, Bev Van Ravensway, can hopefully win a recording contract from Massive Records – who’s company President, Harvey Morgan, is scouting for new spectacular talent at a talent showcase for the Performing Arts Department at a prestigious private school.

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