Tanggal Rilis :2 December 2010 (Thailand)
Jenis Film :Action | Drama
Diperankan Oleh :Seigi Ozeki, Kanokkorn Jaicheun and Sorapong Chatree
Sinopsis :
Think The Last Samurai but instead of Tom Cruise immigrating to the land of the raising sun and learning the ways of Bushido, its a samurai that gets adopted into a foreign tribe in Thailand and become accustom to their warrior culture. The cast of Yamada: The Samurai Of Ayothaya include Seigi Ozeki in the role of actual historical figure Yamada Nagamasa and K-1 fighter Buakaw Por. Pramuk as a bare-handed fight expert. Action-wise, its a mashup between Japanese swordplay and the brutality of ancient Muay Thai.
Yamada Nagamasa, the young Samurai of Edo period, came to be a soldier in the Japanese volunteer regiment in Ayothaya. He fought against a group of Japanese who disguised themselves as the Hongsawadee soldiers and beset Ayothaya with troubles led by “Kuroda Toranaga”. Yamada was critically injured and helped by a group of Thai warriors. They, later, vowed to be “bosom friends”.
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[IMDb rating : 6.2/10]
[Awards : Won National Film Association Award and 2 nominated ]
[Quality : DVDRip]
[File Size : 400MB]
[Format : MKV]

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