Tanggal Rilis : 5 February 2011 (Japan)
Jenis Film : Action
Diperankan Oleh : Rina Takeda, Hina Tobimatsu and Richard Heselton
Synopsis :
In Okinawa, Ayaka Kurenai was born in the legendary world's greatest karate family. When she was little, her family was attacked by a gang seeking the mysterious legendary black belt. Kurenai Soujiro his father died and his sister was taken in front of him. Time has passed. In Yokohama, he spent his life as an ordinary high school girl, to hide his real name and his status as heir of the legendary Karate family. However, one incident took a decisive meeting with his sister separated in their childhood. But, his brother grew up as a heartless killing machines by a mysterious gang that carries it.
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[IMDb rating : 8.2/10]
[Awards : - ]
[Quality : DVDRip]
[File Size : 350MB]
[Format : mkv]

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