Release Date: 2002Genre: Comedy | Drama | RomancePlayed By: Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers============================================
Synopsis :
Surely you know donk, if Indian films senengnya singing, dancing and swaying ... But make no mistake with this one .. Here Indian players prefer to play ball and ngefans same weight as David Beckham. This is a romantic comedy drama film with a family background of India who lived in England and still cling to the culture and cultures, but the youngest children who prefer to jog and play football instead of singing, dancing while learning cooking with his mother.A funny film and this love anne starring actress who was then still a newcomer and beautiful "Keira Knightley", as well as the actor "Jonathan Rhys Meyers' which may DFder know through the film August Rush and From Paris With Love.Story like this, played by Parminder Nagra Jesminder, the youngest of a family of Indian tribes living in Britain who prefer fantasy to play ball with the maestro David Beckham than learning to cook and obey his mother like any other Indian girls. Even to the point that he often bercurhat ria Beckham Beckham posters through the gueede his room.But the mother forbade her daughter Jesminder to play ball, because he thinks it is a taboo thing to do, which ran in shorts and showing off her legs to the thousands of spectators. The mother prefers Jesminder learn to cook at home.Jesminder that indeed his soul prefers to play ball, still desperate to play ball sebunyi-hidden until one day met a footballer Jules disebuah league women's football club.Jesminder who eventually joined the try out was accepted by the coach because the coach to judge Jesminder have a great talent.However, the mother actually forbade hard, especially when he saw a middle Jesminder playing football with his friends male disebuah field where there Jesminder seen surrounded by many men and sling-carry.How keselanjutan Jesminder stories are forbidden to play ball?
Just do not lewatin deh a cute romantic comedy drama, entertaining and worth watching it ..!
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