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Who is not familiar with the Angry Birds, one of the popular game that is currently loved by many people. Angry Birds own character which is identical with a small bird measuring 6 inches that have images that are very funny and adorable. This character is what makes the game Angry Birds in gandrungi by many people in the world.
Beginning with its emergence from the game I-Phone (Mobile Phone), Angry Birds also spread to other platforms such as Mobile Phone Windows Mobile, Blackberry and even now on Android. Angry Birds game even now there are Web-based, like in Google Chrome. And now its popularity continues there will be increased by and direncakana Angry Birds Movie Theaters.

For the sake of realizing the plan, Rovio (The Professor Angry Birds) has appointed David Maisel as a producer and consultant on this project. Maisel is a senior former Marvel Studios, which successfully raised the Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk to the big screen.

"The voices outside about the film Angry Birds now become a reality," says Maisel. According to him, Angry Birds filming process is already running.

Currently, applications Angry Birds games have been downloaded more than 250 million times since its launch in 2009. Last year, Angry Birds became the most popular applications that are sold on iTunes, Apple's store. Angry Birds now also be enjoyed on the PC via the Google Chrome.

The CEO Mikael Hed very excited and enthusiastic about this partnership. He could not wait for this movie-making process is complete. However, Hed admitted Maisel not the first choice. He's hoping George Lucas is leading the project. "Because Lucas could not, David's the best person to work together now," he said.
Rovio also continues to expand its business. Those interested in getting into the animation business and want to make a short film. Ideals they want to be like Pixar studios successfully make Toy Story, Cars, and Up.
Yes we wait, I'm sure this will become a reality and will be a box office movies when supported by a good story Angry Birds of course because the character itself already has its own place in the hearts of his fans. So Let's wait Angry Birds Movie Theaters - Your favorite movie theater.

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